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Publishing-related requests and rights inquiries can be sent to Jen’s literary agent, Dan Mandel at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates. 

Interested in an in-person or virtual school visit?

Since 2008, Jen has traveled the country speaking to elementary and middle school students about the power of story and how to turn a reluctant reader into a book lover and writer. She’d love to connect with your school to talk about the writing process, editing and fractured fairy tales.

Programs: (All sessions are 45 minutes – one hour and tailored to fit your school day)

Reluctant Reader Turned Writer: A traditional author visit assembly where Jen discusses how she went from a struggling reader to a book lover with the help of an elementary school teacher who helped her findbooks she could sink her teeth into. Taking students through her career as an entertainment magazine editor interviewing some of the biggest names in Hollywood to an author, Jen teaches students how to turn their ideas into stories and shows them how the book publishing process works. Together as a group, Jen also leads a mini “twisting fairy tales on the spot” brainstorming session where students will create their own fairy tale.

Twisting Fairy Tales on the Spot: An expanded fairy tale writing session with students, best done in smaller groups (50 students or less). In this writing workshop, Jen leads the students through the process of reimagining a fairy tale and how to create their own new classics. First working as a group, then in smaller groups or on their own, Jen helps students mash up fairy tales and create new ones, retell the classics, or create the happily ever (or never) after sequels they’ve longed for.

Writing is Rewriting: A writing workshop for upper elementary school and middle school students, this group session teaches students the revision process and why it’s so important. Using what they’ve learned, students will revise the first draft of a chapter of one of Jen’s books. (This workshop can also incorporate a current school project that students are working on.) Students will leave this session with the tools they need to work on revisions as well as the published pages of Jen’s first draft pages so they can continue to compare how a story goes from first to finished draft.

Public speaking or author visit requests can be made through Allyson Hickey at Booked Authors.  You can also submit an inquiry using the form below.

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