I’m doing a book report on you. Can you help me with it?

A book report on me? Promise you’ll email me with your grade or share any artwork you did for your project (I love seeing your hard work pay off!) I can give you all the basics about me and my writing, but for book stuff, you’ll have to revisit your favorite sections of the book and write up character info yourself (I know, I know, it’s work, but that’s why it’s called homework, right?) You can also poke around this website and try using Google or taking to your local librarian. I know you’re going to rock this paper so let’s get started!

The basics:
Jennifer Calonita
Birthdate: December 14
Birthplace: New York
Siblings: One sister
Where do you live now? Long Island in New York
Family: I’m married with two boys and a feisty Chihuahua named Ben Kenobi

Me in 5th grade

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